The Future Educational Provision in Long Stratton

On 16th March we had a meeting of interested parties to discuss the future educational provision in Long Stratton in the light of the proposed development in Long Stratton.

Planning applications for the new housing development are being prepared for submission around October 2017. There will be public consultations before and during the formal planning process. There will be two submissions, one for an area to the east of the A140 and one to the west. The plans for the land to the west would include 600 homes whilst to the east would include the building of 1200 homes and look to secure a scheme for a by-pass and additional infrastructure which would include a new primary school, community and recreation lands plus employment land. The primary school site would be approximately 2 hectares, phased with delivery of housing. In the long term it is expected that Long Stratton will have two all-through primary schools by 2025 to cater for the expected increase in numbers caused by the new development.

It was also suggested that there should be a focus on shared facilities, so any new school could have new recreational spaces and community facilities to make it socially and economically sustainable. Future meetings are being planned to seek the views of all parties interested in the wider educational provision in Long Stratton. These will then be used to inform the Long Stratton Neighbourhood Plan.