Green Spaces Sports and Leisure Team

It falls to me and my team to ensure that we can provide spaces to enjoy living in the area of Long Stratton. In our busy lives we all like to unwind and relax but we need the necessary space and environment to ensure that this happens. Under my watch we will look at GREEN SPACES. Nature and the environment are vital to our well-being and they need protecting and in certain areas creating. Many of our resident enjoy SPORT AND LEISURE but again they need the parks and fields on which to participate in their chosen activity. We will look at what we have in the LSNP area and what we need to add. We will look to provide facilities for all age groups, ‘toddlers’ of all ages. We will look at the necessary regulations to see what is mandatory and what is desirable. I need the help of both formal and informal groups to be able to achieve what is best for the area so would welcome any help and advice.