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Q: What development is coming forward?

A: By South Norfolk District Council as of July 2017

The Long Stratton Area Action Plan adopted by the Council in 2016 in consultation with the local community identifies a minimum of 1,800 homes, 9.5 hectares of employment land, land for a new primary school, open space and play areas and enhanced links to the countryside.

Q: What about us residents in St Michael’s Road- will we be protected from noise and the privacy we now have when the planned 600 houses are built next to us.

A: By Michael Haslam Associates as of August 2017

The detailed plans, available in due course, for the development will be subject to further consultation with local residents and they will show in some detail the relationship between the existing houses on St Michael’s Road and the proposed new residents.  The usual planning tests for residential amenity will be applied in both design by the developer’s architects and vetting by the district council. Homes at St Michael’s Road will benefit from reduced traffic (and its effects) because the new Western Relief Link Road will be more attractive to drivers through to Swan Lane and this should lead to reduced abuse of the current Traffic Order on St Michaels Road.

Q: The 17 July exhibition promotion map, and poster for the 2nd October Developer consultation both show the area on the Norwich Rd, between St Michael’s estate and the allotments for housing. However, the plans displayed at the actual 17 July exhibition, show this area out of the current developer scope. Further, the representatives at the exhibition explained this land was not part of the current developer proposals. Please confirm, and if it isn’t then please correct this in future promotional material?

A: By Michael Haslam Associates as of August 2017

“The plan on the leaflet advertising the public exhibition on Monday 17 July was a copy of the Long Stratton Area Action Plan Policies Map which is the Council’s policy map for the new development in Long Stratton?

The plans that were displayed at the public exhibition were the emerging plans that Norfolk Homes and Norfolk Land are preparing for the submission of planning applications for the construction of the bypass, the link road and the houses.  The land between the Allotments and the St Michael’s Road estate that is referred to in the question is owned by the Leeder family and is not part of the land that is under the control of either Norfolk Homes or Norfolk Land and I can confirm that it will not be part of the planning applications that are currently being prepared.  The masterplan that we are preparing makes provision for access to this land if at some future date the Leeder family bring forward an application for planning permission to develop the land.”


Q: NOW I am even MORE confused than I was before…are you now saying that the land between the allotments and the start of ST MICHAELS ROAD estate is NOT being developed?

A: By Norfolk Homes Ltd as of September 2017

The land is allocated for housing development in the SNC adopted Area Action Plan.
However it is not part of our, or Norfolk Land Ltd’s, current proposals.
If and when anything is considered for it in the future, it should have its own consultation and planning process.
Q: What about us residents NOT near the bypass? Will our rights to peace and privacy -which we now have-be taken into consideration? We have open fields adjoining us but if the SNDC get their way we will have houses right up to our boundary and WE are in bungalows !
A:By South Norfolk District Council as of September 2017
The amenity of residents is a key planning consideration the developers will need to address. The land being proposed for housing was allocated for residential development under the Long Stratton Area Action Plan in 2016, following extensive consultation and public examination by an Inspector from the Planning Inspectorate. The principle of housing in these locations has therefore been established, but how this comes forward in precise design terms is still being considered (i.e. ensuring the scale of development is appropriate and considerations of overlooking, outlook, daylight and sunlight for existing residents are met.)
Q: Can you tell me as of 1st September 2017 how many houses are built on the north east site and how many more are to be built? Also how many are occupied? Will there be any direct vehicle access from this site onto St. Michaels road?
A: by South Norfolk District Council as of September 2017
There is a planning consent for a total of 50 dwellings (on the site for the former Cygnet House care home) and potential for approximately 600 more dwellings to come forward on land to the north-west of Long Stratton under the Long Stratton Area Action Plan adopted by the Council in 2016. The approximate 600 homes do not have planning consent as yet and so the final numbers and how the dwellings will be accessed is not yet decided. However only pedestrian and cycle links are promoted to St Michaels Road from the development site under the Long Stratton Area Action Plan. This plan also identifies there should be a link road through this development site to connect the A140 with Swan Lane to provide the main vehicle access to the proposed development. The developers, Norfolk Homes and Norfolk Land, are currently developing their plans and will need to demonstrate how accessibility will be addressed. None of the dwellings are occupied as yet on the site of the former Cygnet House.
Q: Can you tell me as of 1st september 2017 how many houses are built on the north east site and how many more are to be built ?,also how many are occupied? will there be any direct vehicle access from this site onto St.Michaels road?
A: By South Norfolk Council as of September 2017
The current development at Maple Park does not form part of the north west site in the Long Stratton Area Action Plan (LSAAP), as it was an existing planning permission in place before the allocation of at least 1,800 homes was made in the AAP.  Therefore, there are still around 600 homes to be built on the north west site; more precise numbers will be confirmed through the planning application process.  There is no direct vehicular access from Maple Park to St. Michael’s Road and it is not intended for there to be any direct access from the AAP allocation to St. Michael’s Road either.

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