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Q: Will there be development right up to the bypass?

A: By South Norfolk District Council as of July 2017

Ensuring that both the development respect the rural characteristics of the existing landscape and that future residents will have a good quality of life in terms of noise levels are key considerations for the development. Ensuring there is suitable landscaping and green infrastructure between any homes and the proposed bypass are key considerations as proposals for the development come forward.


Q:We have a lot of wildlife in the area around our bungalow, hedgehogs, birds, frogs, toads, bats and buzzards that fly overhead..will you be protecting them ?

A: By Cornerstone Planning Ltd as of August 2017

Legislation and the District Council’s Development Plan place requirements on developers to protect and enhance ecological interests, in particular protected species.  Consultants have undertaken detailed assessment work across the entire site, the results of which have and will be taken into account in preparing the application proposals, in order to meet these requirements.


Q:Hello, I live on the Chuchfeilds Site & my property, along the side & back fence, are adjacent to a planted bank with established shrubs & trees, it was part of the original development & our house was sold to us on the understanding this area was a key part of the Churchfeilds development. This area provides great screening & sound protection for the residents living along the edge of the Chuchfeilds & I would like assurances from all parties concerned that this established area will not be disturbed when the area plan is implemented. It’s teeming with wildlife & imo really needs to be maintained?

A: By Norfolk Land Ltd as of September 2017

Plans to this level of detail are not available at this stage. Once planning is approved and a house builder has bought this land, it will pursue its own detail – subject to consultation and usual planning process.

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