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Q: What development is coming forward?

A: By South Norfolk District Council as of July 2017

The Long Stratton Area Action Plan adopted by the Council in 2016 in consultation with the local community identifies a minimum of 1,800 homes, 9.5 hectares of employment land, land for a new primary school, open space and play areas and enhanced links to the countryside.

Q: When is the planning application expected?

A: By South Norfolk District Council as of July 2017

The planning application is expected in October/November 2017 and at that time the Council will consult with the public and technical bodies.


Q: We have at the moment got a clear view across the fields to Tharston Church…many of us bought our properties DUE to this outlook..and paid a premium because of the ‘openess’ …what are you planning to give us to look at in return?

A: By Norfolk Homes Ltd as of September 2017

There is no right to a view across another person’s land and therefore compensation schemes for loss of views do not exist.


Q: If you’re expecting to submit the planning application in October/November how close to those plans will the information presented at the October meeting be?

A: By Norfolk Land Ltd as of September 2017

Unless there are any fundamental points found at the exhibition, the plans are to be fundamentally the same.


Q: If it is not legally possible to secure funding from the developer to help expand the doctors surgery what help will they get to expand when their services are already overstretched and there is a well documented shortage of GPs throughout the whole country?

A: by South Norfolk District Council September 2017

Doctors working as General Practitioners (GPs) are independent contractors of the NHS and so are a private businesses. New surgeries are funded and instigated through the relevant primary health care body, for example NHS England. The ongoing issue of recruitment of GPs is also something the NHS England are working on to address as a wider issue.

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