Bypass History

Long Stratton Bypass Timeline

1937 – District Council fears Long Stratton bypass scheme may clash with housing project

Dec 1982 – Bypass on cards says department of transport

Oct 1986 – British Road Federation calls for bypass

1988 – Village action group formed as Transport Department says no current bypass plans

Sept 1988 – £5m free bypass offered by Wilson Connolly. Name changed later to Wilcon Homes – in return for 700 new homes. Offer later failed. Local Plan Inquiry Inspector called for local views on the “homes for bypass” proposal. Subsequent parish poll voted 50% ‘Against’ and 49% ‘For’ the proposal and it was not included in the Local Plan.

Sept 1992 – John MacGregor, South Norfolk MP and Transport Secretary, optimistic about village bypass. A Govt White Paper ‘Roads to Prosperity 1989’ proposed dualling the A140 from Norwich to A14 in Suffolk

Nov 1995 – Bypass falls victim to Government spending cuts in Chancellor Kenneth Clarke’s Budget Dec 1995 – Bypass 2000 campaign launches to fight the decision

July 1996 – MP John MacGregor heads campaign delegation in meeting with Government Roads Minister John Watts

Sept 1996 – Parish Council is told that bypass scheme will not be reinstated

June 2001 – New hope for bypass, NCC take control of the road linking Norwich and the Suffolk border

Nov 2002 – NCC public consultation on bypass route options

Nov 2002 – SNDC planning committee voted unanimously for the options of taking the A140 to the east of the village

April 2003 – NCC publicise preferred route

June 2005 – Bid for £25m Government funding started with hopes that bypass could be started within the next year

November 2005 – East of England Regional Assembly fails to back bypass proposals

April 2007 – Residents protest by stopping traffic using pedestrian crossing

March 2010 – Council chiefs admit that it is unlikely to be able to fund bypass before planning permission expires

Feb 2011 – Proposal for 1800 homes for Long Stratton awakens new bypass bid

Feb 2013 – New bypass bid launched

July 2013 – Long Stratton Area Action Plan consults on preferred options, including bypass plans

April 2016 – Inspector give LSAAP the seal of approval including plans for a Bypass Corridor


Source – Newspaper articles held in archive by J Baker.

Copy’s held in LSPC Office